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St Davids does a number of fund raiser activities to assist in providing our children the best education possible.  A number of these activities take very little time and do not cost you anything.  Please take a look at these activities and help St. David’s out.

Program Bonus Specials –

Walmart has bonus coupons on a large number of their products.  Remember to pick some up and bring the Box Tops and Bonus Coupons in.

Check out the snacks in Bi-Lo and see the BOGO for Fiber One bars.  Not only do you get at least $.20 for Box Tops, you also get extra Fuel Perks for your gas tank.

Campbell’s Soup Labels for Education – Help us collect labels to support the school.

Raised alt=off20,121 towards the alt=off100,000 target.

As of 8-26-2013 we are currently at 20,121 labels for St. David’s School.     Did you know we can earn point with more than just Campbells soup labels?  Did you know products from BIC, Post Cereal, and Glad also provide points to the schools program?   Use the following links to learn more about this particular program.  This is a points based program in which St. David’s is able to select items from catalogs for products to support the school.  A wish list of items has been created that St. Davids is looking at using our points for.  Please take the time to cut these labels out and send them to school with your child.  A Campbell’s collection bin is located at the school for dropoff.    Don’t forget to tell your neighbors to support us as well.

Our School - Visit St. Davids page and see how we are doing.

Participating Products - View the complete list of products included in this program.

Wishlist -  View our wishlist


Help our school shine
Help our school shine

Box Tops For Education -  Most people know about the Box Tops for Education program.  This program provides the school two checks a year.  The fall submission deadline this year is November 1, 2013.  The Spring submission deadline is March 1, 2013.  For each Box Top label, the school receives $.10 towards this check.  The school then can purchase or do what ever they see fit with this money.    This year we have set a goal of $1,000.00 for the school, let’s see how far we can get.  Below are the links giving more information about this program and the way you can support St. David’s.

Participating products can be seen here.   Coupons are also available for printing as well and change each month.  

Coloring and activity pages for kids can be found here.  After the children have completed coloring they can attach box tops and bring them into school.  This is a fun way to collect Box Tops and support St. Davids.

Parents can participate in some of the daily purchases they make online as well.  See this link for a list of participating stores.  Examples  include 3.5 Box Tops for a $10.00 purchase of photos from CVS.  There are also links to Shutterfly, Walmart and Walgreens.  Over 250 participating retailers are included in this list.  Take a look at the Deals and discounts this program has to offer as well.

Tyson A+ Program – This is a new program for St. Davids School.  For each label collected the school will earn 24¢.  Imagine, $240.00 for collecting 1000 labels from participating products.  That can be as few as 5 labels per child over the year.   A sample of the labels can be seen here.   The best part of this program, like Box Tops for Education.  This money can be used for anything the school wants or needs.  That can be $240.00 towards video games to supplement your childs learning in the classroom. 

Penny Drive - This program is held in conjunction with the annual St. David’s Childrens Carnival.   In the spirit of fun, each class sets up a penny collection jar.  Who’s class will come out on top.  Final counts are done after the carnival where parent’s, family and friends all have the chance to push a class to the top.  Come out and join the fun and help your favorite class.   The winning classroom usually gets a pizza party and pajama day.

St. Davids Annual Carnival - Held each spring, the St. Davids School Carnival bring all ages together for fun games, silent auction items and a bake sale.  More information for next years events will be coming out soon.